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  • We strive for excellence in customer service and will do everything in our control to ensure that our customer service promises are kept.

  • Our online includes secure EFT, Credit Card or Manual EFT payment options. We keep you up to date and promise Exceptional Customer Service.

  • The Vaal Air Purification Team

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Air Purifiers | Air Purifying Solution | Essential Oils | Essential Oil Aroma Diffusers |
HEPA Filter Air Purifiers | ECO7 Cleaning chemical | Natural Health Products

Suppliers of the leading brand of Air Purifiers and Air Purifying Solutions with delightful Aroma's available.


  • The patented Air Purifying Solution kills viruses, bacteria and fungi resident in indoor air which causes asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and other respiratory-related ailments.

  • The combat of unwanted aromas, including smoke,  paint, electrical equipment, animal dander, damp and food smells is also a benefit of the Air Purifier range.

  • Get all the benefits of Aromatherapy with our trendy and modern range of Aroma Diffusers. Use your own preference of essential oils or our range of Air Purifying solutions in the Aroma Diffuser range.


Live Your Best Life !

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