Our range of Air Purifying Solutions

With 30 Aroma's to choose from our customers are spoilt for choice. The microbe shield solutions kill viruses, bacteria and fungi resident in indoor air. Our patented formulation has been tested by independent laboratories in Singapore for effectiveness. Shop online at www.vaalairpurification.com or www.vaalairpurification.co.za :-

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Be Happy.

The LEAF TRIPLE PACK contains Peppermint & Eucalyptus, Tea Tree & Lavender and Green Tea.

The CITRUS TRIPLE PACK contains Orange, Fresh Lemon & Apple

The SPA TRIPLE PACK contains Oasis, Relaxing and Uplifting

The AROMA TRIPLE PACK contains Coffee, Cranberry & Vanilla

The FLORAL TRIPLE PACK contains Lavender, Lotus & Rose

The WELLNESS TRIPLE PACK contains Sandalwood, Citronella & Sakura

The SANCTUARY TRIPLE PACK contains Lemongrass, Apple Cinnamon & Jasmine

The REFRESH TRIPLE PACK contains Bamboo, Morning Dew & Rainforest

The PURIFY TRIPLE PACK contains Microbeshield (no aroma base formulation), Clary Sage & Lily

The STRESSLESS TRIPLE PACK contains Iced Tea, Coconut Toast & Ginger & Lime

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