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ECO7 (Environmentally friendly)

We need to be more careful about what cleaning products we use. ECO7 contains environment friendly ingredients.


  • ECO7 contains NO (NH3) household ammonia, normally contained in general purpose cleaner. This solution is irritating to the eyes and mucous membrane. It can lead to the development of chronic bronchitis and asthma. For people who already have lung problems and asthma, exposure to ammonia will only worsen the condition. Ammonia is not Bio-degradable.

  • ECO7 contains NO (CL) chlorine bleach which is highly acidic. When released into the water it can create organochlorin, which pollutes the drinking water. These compounds are not Bio-degradable. Organochlorin has been linked to cancer and immune disfunction.

  • ECO7 contains NO petroleum.

  • ECO7 is 100% Bio-degradable.

  • ECO7 is a water based cleaning product. Water based cleaners are not flammable and have NO Global warming potential. Tested by SABS.  SANS 1344

  • ECO7 is completely safe to use in the kitchen and on food prepping surfaces. It has been tested by SABS.  SANS 1828 standard and SANS 1853 standard.  It contains NO harmful substances and does not pose any risk to human health.

  • ECO7 is non-abrasive and is safe to use on glass.

  • ECO7 is safe on all surfaces including wood, metal, concrete, rubber e.g. wetsuits and rubber canoes


"I m a medical representative working with products that disinfect hospitals theatres, new-natal and gasto endo scope (GI) units.

Therefore I am very aware of the implications of bacteria in our environment. This gives me great pleasure to testify of the amazing way ECO7 kills bacteria in a short time. We have done numerous lab test on ECO7 bacterial properties and were astonished by the results we received. This product will work remarkably well in institutes like old age homes, crèche facilities, pre-school, schools and sport institutes and of course in any home. "

Gena Holder


  • ECO7 contains degreasing and fat removing agents that dissolves grease, fats and stubborn grime, thus making it highly effective in cleaning braais, grids, ovens, oily pots, pans, engines, wheel rims, motorbikes, oily pavements and parking areas. No harmful residues. Use undiluted and wash off with water.


  • Removes dirty and oily stains from clothes, upholstery, mattresses, carpets, overalls, and linen.

  • Blood and red wine, no problem! Basically any stains...

  • Removes stains without fading colors. Remember NO ammonia or bleach in ECO7. Use it undiluted, spray on and wash stain out.


  • Cleans dirty baths, showers, tiles and mildew. When you clean mildew you also kill the bacteria.

  • Cleans grouting. Use undiluted and wash off.

  • Use ECO7 on any surface: wooden floors, laminated, marble, etc.

  • ECO7 is a very economical on floors and windows. Diluting is essential for Glass and Floors.

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